Fine Options for Cinematic Experience Now

Fine Options for Cinematic Experience Now

Therefore, in returning to this subject in this new meeting with the representatives of the “cinematic world”, we propose to integrate the considerations already exposed, motivated by the persuasion of its importance, the motives already amply shown. In the face of the serious problems which are affecting the present age, and which certainly attract our most caring cures, this of the cinema might seem to be a secondary subject to some that is not to deserve the particular care we dedicate to it. As you watch best movies online through 123movies these are the things that will come forth now.

The Understanding

Certainly cinema, being by its nature art and entertainment, it seems that it should remain content almost at the margins of life, right, of course, by the common laws that regulate ordinary human activities; but since, in fact, it has become for the present generation a spiritual and moral problem of immense scope, it cannot be overlooked by those who care about the fate of the best part of man and his future.

  • Above all, it cannot be neglected by the Church and its Pastors, whose vigilance must not escape any moral question, especially if it has repercussions with incalculable consequences on innumerable souls; but also by all the honest and thoughtful of the common good, who are persuaded with reason that every human problem, great or small, has its roots in the more or less obscured spirit and that in the spirit, once enlightened, it must be duly resolved.

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