Things you need to know about elo boosting

Things you need to know about elo boosting

If you are from the world of online gaming, you would have come across League of Legends which is commonly called as LoL. This game has the biggest benefit if using boosters that is, players who can log in using your account and play on your behalf. They win the game for you or for your team. The rating system used in LoL game is Elo rating system. This was used since ancient times for calculating relative skills of players involved in Chess and other games. Now, this ranking system is used in multiplayer online games including Lol. 

What is elo boosting?

Elo boosting is used by means of elo ranking system. Rated players play the game for many hours. The elo rating of the player depends on the game result. The winner takes points from the losers at every game. The final result is calculated by the total number of points gained by winners and losers. Between high-rated and low-rated player, high-rated player mostly wins. Elo boosting is used in League of Legends game in order to improve the position of the player in that game. It is done by accessing the account by the professional player. 

Elo boosting is also known as Match Making Rating, MMR. When a game is being played by elo boosters, then the original player cannot access the game. Only the professional player can play at that period of time.

League of Legends

Action real-time strategy is the other name for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). League of Legends is also a MOBA game in which a character is controlled by the player. The competitor will be controlled by other players and the game is completely online. The players have different advantages and abilities in such games. The original LoL game was initially released in the year 2009. Since then the game won many hearts and increasing its fan base every day. It is active in areas of North America and Europe. 

Types of queues

Previously the ranking was available only for solo and duo players. But from last season, they allowed players to queue up for various ranks for various sizes. The new season was started on December 6 and the game was available to reset on that day. The types of the queue are explained as follows

  • 5v5 solo or Duo queue: In this type of queue, one to two players can play the game. The advantages are for the most ranked player. The disadvantage of this queue is that there are lots and lots of salt. The ladder starts from last year’s rank, that is, you can start where you left the game. It does affect your preseason Match Making Rating or elo rating. 
  • Flex queue: The number of players playing this queue can be 1, 2, 3 or 5. The greatest advantage of playing this queue is it can be played with friends.  It is a less serious version for being ranked. Only thing is to have fun with our loved ones without being worried about ranks. 

If you are not aware of the game yet, you should. You can go to the official website and start earning using elo boosting method.


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