What are carpet runners and where it is used?

What are carpet runners and where it is used?

Carpet runners are used to decorate the floor with different patterns and it gives you a floor elegant look and bouncy. These types of carpets are long narrow stripes and used in hallways and staircases. They are found in the form of rugs although have pure stripes of vertical or horizontal patterns. For houses with long slim halls with hardwood flooring carpet flooring is possible in various patterns and finishing. 

About stair case runners 

The stair case runners are similar to the standard carpet runners expect from the background part. Outfitting an entire room is more costly instead that by using runner walked part of floor can be covered by the runner and it gives you good look. Finding a good stair carpet for your room painting color is the most important. This is because the carpets are better than staircase runners with its durability. You need to consider all things before you purchase the runner and you need to buy high quality carpet that is very narrow targeted for your home space level.

Why add a runner?

  • One of most reason is safety and it prevents slippery form danger.
  • In addition it absorbs much noise caused provides grip while walking.
  • Uncarpeted flooring can be slippery as these kinds of accidents can be avoided.
  • A runner gives you grip and smooth walk. 
  • Fully fixed carpets can be expensive, but it gives you awesome finish and elegant look. 
  • It can be available in different sizes. 
  • You can find wide range of colour design to fit your floor using carpet runners.
  • Changing you runner design is also simple.

Types of material for carpet runners


  • It is most frequently used for stair runners.
  • It is durable soft and you can buy it for cheap price.

Wool blends:

  • It is also good for stair runners.
  • It is blended with polyester or nylon, so it can be used for many years.  


This type of runners is used for long time purpose and it last for many years. 

Natural fibers

These types of products are available for low price range as well the main drawback is the ability to spot clean as often leave water spots. They can be varied with different look and bright colours that make it more beautiful and elegant. 


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